• Toowoomba Framing

  • Toowoomba Framing

At Toowoomba Framing & Vintage Prints we look after all your framing needs

  • Wedding photos

    Your special day is special to us. Wedding photos make a beautiful display in the home and wonderful gifts to your family. Let us help preserve your magical wedding photos in a high-quality frame design to suit your home and decor.

  • Posters

    You’ve got a poster you love, and just can’t find the right sized frame for it? Let us help with a frame to suit your poster and your style.

  • Memorabilia

    Sports memorabilia and signed keepsakes? Or perhaps you would like to frame your running medals and bibs. You may even have some special early childhood keepsakes you would like to preserve in a special frame. All this and more, we’ve got you covered.

  • Paintings

    Your children may be keen artists and you would love to frame some of their paintings. We have just the right range of frames for you to choose from. Let us help preserve their beautiful artworks in a style to suit your home or office.

  • Artwork

    You may have purchased some beautiful new artworks for your home, but haven’t quite decided on what sort of frames may suit. Please come and see us to check out our range of beautiful frames. We have over 300 moldings to choose from in our affordable high-quality frame range.

  • Photographs

    Photographs preserve wonderful memories. We would love to assist you in picking beautiful frames to compliment the special photographs you wish to have framed.

  • Needlework, Cross Stitches & Tapestries

    With over 300 different moldings to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary – We will endeavor to match a frame to your beautiful craft handiworks.

  • Antique and Vintage prints

    With many different traditional styles to choose from, our high quality frames will accentuate your antique and vintage prints.

  • Matt board

    We also supply a wide range of mat board products to match with your beautifully framed piece.

  • Canvas Stretching

    We work with digital prints and existing artworks. Our commitment to quality will ensure that your artwork is in the best of hands and finished to the highest standards.